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It all started by pure chance in 2001!
     My husband always wanted a quarter horse, I always wanted a Palomino ... In October 2001, Nickolas, our second son, was only one month old and I was reading a magazine about horses and there was an add ... "6 months old Palomino Quarter horse colt for sale "... We called and went to see him. The colt immediately captivated us. There, we met Anton Hlupič his breeder and the President of SIQHA (Slovenian Association of Quarter horse) and Angel Angelov, who helped him into the world and who trained him 3 years later….

    On the way home, we were choosing names, because of his color, he became "Golden Boy", Goldy for friends  ... when we got his AQHA pedigree, 6 months later, with his official name "Domingo Lone", we didn’t change his name, he shall always be Golden Boy to us...

After a few days, Domingo arrive at his new home in Kisovec ... we already had 2 mares, Syda and Samantha, Czech warm-bloods.

As he was still too young, both mares didn't pay attention to him and he was sad and lonely ….

... he needed some company, so a few months later we bought Arny, the mini Shetland pony…they became best pals….


Time passed by and Domingo was 2 years old ….we went to a western event in Starošince.

   A few months later, Domingo started his reining training with Angel Angelov…

   then he went to a few events….


2nd Horsemanship Event of the Sava region-2006


     And Domingo became a sire...

 Desert King & Domingo's Spirit

Hidalgo & Dance With the Wind- Windy


But all his offspring was without a pedigree! By watching Windy and Hidalgo grow, we realized that the quarter horse was the breed for us … because of its gentle temperament, its willingness to work, its constitution and beauty. We decided to buy an AQHA mare.

     And so Buena O’Lena arrived from Italy in April 2010. In addition to an excellent pedigree, great ridding skills, she carries within herself all the features of this exceptional breed! O'Lena became in a few weeks the favourite riding horse of our sons Alexander

ans Nickolas

    And with her we actually started our quarter horse story and the story of "The Golden Ranch" ..... We decided to breed quarter horses and promote the western way of riding in Slovenia! And if we have luck on our side, we can expect the first offspring of The Golden Ranch in April 2011!

  And why "The Golden Ranch"? The name is obvious  ... because of our Domingo Lone, our Golden Boy, through which we discovered this wonderful breed! And as the saying goes: "Once a quarter horse, always a quarter horse."